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Our goal is to work hard to make the loan process as smooth and effortless as possible for our customers and to find the best solutions for their mortgage financing needs. Our goal is to provide such good service that our customers will be lifelong customers.

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Sara Lehman
Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer
Direct:   (515) 663-3089
Email:   Sara.Lehman@FNB247.com
NMLS #: 609248
Dona McMasters
Mortgage Loan Officer
Direct:   (515) 663-3090
Email:   Dona.McMasters@FNB247.com
NMLS #: 591518
Nicole Jacobson
Direct:   (641) 223-4226
Email:   nicole.jacobson@fnb247.com
NMLS #: 999221
Vicky Halvorsen
Direct:   (641) 223-4217
Email:   vicky.halvorsen@fnb247.com
NMLS #: 745275


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