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Types of Loans

Secondary Market Loan
Fix your mortgage rate up to 30 years. You work with a First National Bank mortgage specialist from application through approval and closing. After the loan closes, the mortgage is transferred to the investor who will service the loan going forward. This is a popular choice for home purchases as well as refinances to lower monthly payments or to pay-off a mortgage more quickly.

In-House Loan
Even if your situation doesn’t “fit the mold” for Secondary Market refinancing, you still have options! With a First National Bank In-House, you’ll benefit from a streamlined process, low fees and more flexibility to accommodate unique properties, title holders and many other situations that might be “outside the box.”

The benefits of refinancing can depend on your needs. If rates have dropped since you financed your home, you may save by refinancing to a lower rate. If you’re interested in paying off your loan sooner, you may want to refinance to a shorter term loan.

Construction Loan
Building a new home is an exciting time with many factors to consider. When you’re busy with details like lot location and design, First National Bank will make financing your new home hassle-free. With our construction financing, you apply only once for both construction and permanent financing. Once approved, we will work directly with your builder on draw requests and securing lien waivers. Each project is unique and our construction specialist will be happy to meet you to discuss the specifics of your financing.

Bridge Financing
If you’re ready to build or buy but haven’t sold your current residence, we can help you find options for managing both loans.

Home Equity Loan/Line of Credit
Put your home’s equity to work for you to finance home improvements, consolidate debt, purchase a vehicle or a vacation…whatever you need. A home equity loan has a fixed rate and fixed monthly payments while a line of credit has variable rates and the option to draw on the line as you need the funds. With either option, you can finance up to 90% of your home’s value.


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